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Chef Chadd McArthur is the owner and operator of Chef for All Seasons. A graduate from George Brown College of Hospitality and Humber College of Applied Arts, Chadd is a certified Chef, Pastry Chef, and has trained under Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Nico Ladenis, Chef Massimo Capra, and several other reputable chefs.

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With nearly twenty years of hospitality experience, Chadd has worked in several world-class Michelin-rated restaurants: Two different Three-Michelin Star restaurants, as well as two other One-Michelin Star restaurants. Chadd learned to perfect the art of cooking from renowned chefs such as Chef Gordon Ramsay of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where he spent four years. He later became the Sous-Chef at Amaryllis Restaurant, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant located in Glasgow, Scotland. Chadd has also gained valuable experience working under Chef Nico Ladenis of Chez Nico at Ninety Park Lane, Chef Allan Donald of Ballachulish Hotel and Toronto celebrity chef, Chef Massimo Capra of Prego Della Piazza, among many more reputable chefs.

Chef for all Seasons was launched in the fall of 2005 as a personal chef, event catering and consulting company specializing in cooking in-home/on-site gourmet dinners for parties of all sizes.

Keeping consistent with the discipline of his world-class training, Chef Chadd McArthur places emphasis on using high quality, healthy ingredients and incorporates local, organic foods when possible. By paying special attention to details and providing personal attention to customers, the Chef for All Seasons continues to delight customers, one gastronomic experience at a time.

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Chef Chadd McArthur